The IPPM® process allows you to create a unique club method
with 4 key steps: identity, planning, programming and methodology

creating your own club methodology

your own club lEgacy

Creating a unique methodology driven by your club’s identity allows you to create a football legacy and marks a difference. All this knowledge will be reflected in manuals and digital documents that can be used in various ways, including to recruit new players by showing the individual player and team development plan.

4. Methodology

Finally, the implementation and design of the training sessions and its tasks. The Methodology part involves everything that is directly related with what we need to do on the pitch.

3. Programming

The third step is to organize, structure and schedule the selected contents based on the season calendar.

ippm IPPM MBP School of coaches

1. Identity

The first step helps us define who we are. What kind of players do we want to develop and how should our game model be like? We need to create a clear club identity based on our values.

2. Planning

The second step will be categorizing the training blocks and create an annual curriculum for the different divisions of the club based on what we created in the Identity phase.


your legacy

The whole process has as the main objective creating a clear and coherent club methodology with the main aim to develop players in a recognizable way. 

MBP School assists the coordinators and staff with the whole process in order to create a club legacy.


The first step is regarding the Identity of the club. What does or wants the club to represent? 

We will work specifically on values, the players they want to develop within their game model, etc. to get a clear identity that will become implemented into all the club categories.


The second step is based on how we plan all the contents that are important for the club in all the categories.

This by prioritizing the content and skills that represents the club.


The third step is programming all the prioritized content into our seasonal, trimestral, weekly and daily life at the club. 

This will allow the coaches to have a clear training structure during the whole season.


The fourth and last step is getting all these concepts to the pitch with training exercises by creating a clear training methodology and structure for both coaches as players.


acuerdo Atletico Mineiro 16 9 IPPM MBP School of coaches

Ippm® at

Atletico Mineiro

Since 2019 Atletico Mineiro and MBP School are collaborating with the objective to create a clear and coherent methodology for all the youth categories. The Brazilian club has been giving the chance to several youth players lately and combining this with winning titles.

cristalMBP IPPM MBP School of coaches

Ippm® at


Since January 2023, Club Sporting Cristal has a commitment to the development of Youth Football, both in the male and female categories. That is why, together with MBP School of Coaches, they will collaborate in training coaches to develop better football players. We are creating the “Metodo Celeste”. 

u de chile IPPM MBP School of coaches

IPPM® at


One of the most traditional clubs of Chile has been trusting our IPPM® service to create a unique methodology based on their identity: ‘Método Azul’.

austin bold IPPM MBP School of coaches

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Austin Bold

The technical staff of the USL team has been supported by the MBP Coaching Staff during two whole seasons. MBP School helped them to prepare the games, to give tactical feedback to the players to suit the game model that the coach was asking them to follow, and also to prepare the weekly training sessions. 

FCSB 16 9 1 IPPM MBP School of coaches



A new founded Academy of Edmilson Moraes, the former FC Barcelona and Brazilian National Team player. Together with the Academy coaches MBP created their unique pathway in order to develop new players

santa teresa IPPM MBP School of coaches

Ippm® at

Santa teresa

Santa Teresa, based in Extremadura – Spain, is a professional woman’s football club that started with an academy by the help of the creation of a unique pathway in order to develop their girls players.

serrano fc IPPM MBP School of coaches


Club serrano fc

This profesional club has a long history in Brazil. Placed in Petropolis, one of the most important cities in Rio, asked MBP to help them describing and representing, in working Manuals and technology, the identity that the club has had during the last decades. In addition, they asked to create a process of developing players with the Serrano Identity, with the main goal to promote them to the first team.