Specialist in the Planning and Programming of Youth Football


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Why choose this program?

This online course will allow you to delve into the key to the MBP methodology: the division of the player’s stages, not by chronological age, but by level of understanding of the game. We are going to discover them and learn to identify them through our ludological test (individual and collective) so that, based on these results, we can plan the corresponding training contents to help the player and the team to continue improving according to their needs.

Once these contents have been identified and selected, we will learn step by step to schedule them in time during a season according to priority, thus establishing a transversal logic throughout the structure of a club, and leaving nothing to chance or intuition.

All this will be available to the student online, providing them with a new teaching methodology through the use of gamification and the history of Mati’s fifth in their first steps as footballers.

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What will you learn?


course structure

The structure of the course is divided into 10 different modules in which the pillars of MBP’s Planning and Programming in Youth Football are discussed in depth.

In each of these modules, the keys to identifying the stages of understanding the game and organising the training content will be presented and described in an organised way. Students will be able to interact constantly through gamification and different activities that will help them to put into practice all the content learnt.

At the end of each module, small challenges will be opened with the intention of sharing and debate with other students from the MBP community.

We will introduce the student to the MBP methodology, understanding the needs of why such a methodology is necessary in today’s world.

We will get to know who these theoretical references are in terms of developmental psychology, present the stages of understanding play and review the model of information processing.

We will learn how to analyse football at the training stage in order to avoid falling into the error of analysing it as high-performance football.

of analysing it as high performance football, identifying those physical elements of the game to be managed and recognising this sport as one of cognitive preference and the importance that this has for the following importance that this has for the next steps to be taken as coaches.

We will discover in depth what cognitivism is and how we transfer it to our work. We will get to know the developmental zones of the player and how the ladder of learning evolves.

We will learn about the 4 basic pillars of the MBP training methodology, in order to make this methodology coherent, transversal and applicable in a whole club structure from bottom to top.

We will learn and deepen our knowledge about each and every one of the stages and sub-stages of<br />understanding of the game in youth football, as well as its identification through the player’s ludological tests

We will know which will be the complementary training contents to develop in each of the activation phases of the session depending on the stage of the session depending on the stage of our players’ understanding of the game.

We will know what will be the main training contents to be developed in each of the main phases of the session depending on the stage of understanding of the game of our players, both individually and collectively.

We will learn in depth about the criteria for programming a season, as well as each and every step to do it correctly. In addition, we will learn how to use the development zones test.

We will learn about the MBP proposal in terms of training sessions in youth football, from its phases to its structure.




Through game mechanics that will present you with rigorous and practical information in an attractive and motivating way, as well as interactive and professional.

The story

Immersing yourself in a story that will lead you to recognize key aspects in the player’s performance by putting yourself in the shoes of different characters that surround the day-to-day life of a professional football club.


Overcoming ambitious challenges in which you will have to use technological tools to develop skills as a coach while you learn all the key ideas of each position.

Virtual mentor

Learning from the coach, your virtual mentor, to use reflective, critical, self-critical and ethical reasoning in competitive football.


Deepening general and specific aspects of the game of football and discovering secrets that will lead you to extra knowledge.


Autonomously from home, deciding week by week at what time to access the course according to your availability, and working as a team with other coaches ... but also competing for rewards.

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