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bgllimg4 MBP - Oklahoma | Lunch & Learn MBP School of coaches
bgllimg4 MBP - Oklahoma | Lunch & Learn MBP School of coaches

The Lunch & Learn will allow coaches to benefit their lunch breaks with coaching education. It’s a mix of live moments and activities on the interactive platform that MBP has at its disposal.

Course topics:

Talking about the skill to take possession of the ball giving continuity to the action and how to train this.


With the pass we mean the transfer of the ball to a teammate

The skill of carrying the ball with feet and along the ground without loosing its control.

We develop the relation of the player with the ball in order to domain all basic skills.

Overtaking an opponent while the player is maintaining control of the ball

With this skill, we refer to direct the ball with the feet towards the opposite goal with the intention of scoring a goal.

This skill prevent the opponent from reaching the ball.

The skill that allows overcoming one or more opponents by quickly pass between two teammates.


OK SOCCER LOGOS MBP - Oklahoma | Lunch & Learn MBP School of coaches

Thanks to the partnership between MBP School and OK Soccer all the coaches that are members of the Oklahoma Soccer Association will receive exclusive access to the MBP educational platform, which includes the following modules:

Training library​

Hundreds of training exercises that can be used as inspiration to implement in your current coaching environment.
The training library can be filtered by type of training strategy, player’s stage, amount of available players, etc.

Online education

Over 25 hours of coaching webinars with the MBP Staff and MBP Community from all around the world. Every month there will be new content uploaded.


A variety of videos. Player and team analysis, interviews with members of the MBP Community, information on the educational programs and much more.


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How can we approach the training microcycle following the Structured Periodisation? What steps should we take to bring these concepts together and create our own game model?

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logos 2 MBP - Oklahoma | Lunch & Learn MBP School of coaches

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unnamed MBP - Oklahoma | Lunch & Learn MBP School of coaches
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