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Cristóbal Jiménez: Estadio Español, Chile

Cristóbal Jiménez was a student of the MBP School of Coaches Master in High Performance Soccer and graduated last April. He is currently working at Estadio Español, in Chile, and has returned to our school to review his stay in Barcelona.

1. What was the motivation to come to BCN to study with us? Did it meet your expectations?

One of my reasons for going to Barcelona was the need I felt to continue training, I needed to seek more knowledge as a coach. Although I had graduated a few months ago as a professional coach, I felt that I should make a difference by studying and learning more about the game. The master completely exceeded my expectations, it really was an incredible experience, full of professional and personal growth.

2. What would you highlight about the Master in High Performance Soccer you did?

I would highlight the professionalism of each one of the professors and the people who work in MBP, very prepared people, in spite of all being very young they have an incredible dedication and capacity. Really everyone makes you feel at home, they make your adaptation to the city, to the country much faster. Another aspect to highlight is the way to carry out each of the classes, they are very didactic, they make you participate always and this makes the learning much more significant. In addition to all instances of group work, games, individual analysis etc. Finally, to highlight the methodology, this being the strongest item of the master, where I felt that I progressed and I am applying little by little in my work.

3. What do you think has helped more MBP?

Specifically, it has helped me to be safe and to trust my abilities, to better structure my sessions, to give them different objectives, concepts. MBP gave me many tactical foundations and concepts that make you better understand the game and be able to design tasks with more content.

4. When and why did you decide to enter the world of football and what made you continue with it?

I entered the world from an early age, my father always instilled in me the love for football. At the age of 14 I arrived at Unión Española, a first division club in Chile, I did all my training as a player until I reached the first professional, where I was a year. Then, for different reasons I did not continue playing football and at my short 22 years I retired. A few months passed and I wanted to stay linked to football, but from the other side, now as a coach. That is why I signed up to study at INAF (Chilean National Football Institute) the professional football coach career. I graduated 1 year ago and I have a long way to go, I really want to continue learning and contribute with what I have acquired, it is what motivates me to continue working. Seeing that the players and team improve is the most rewarding and that I have to take care of every day, make the most of each player and team.

5. How would you define yourself as a coach? Use 3 words

Passionate, decisive, innovative

6. What is the most important decision you have made to get closer to fulfilling your dreams?

I think I make the decision to devote myself completely to football. For 3 years I worked as a functional training instructor where I had several students weekly where I did physical training. But what really fascinated me was football, that is why I decided to look for work and this opportunity to work in this club appeared where they trusted my abilities and where I want to continue contributing day by day.

7. Is there a key moment in your professional career that you want to highlight?

At the moment no, I am just taking my first steps as a coach, applying everything I lived and what I learned in my training. I could highlight the good reception and feedback I have had with the players in my new job as coach of 4 categories. For the rest, I have a long way to go, where I will learn from good and bad experiences. Always with humility and work.

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