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Success Stories: Miguel Ospina

Miguel Ospina arrived at MBP School of Coaches in January 2020, two months before the start of the pandemic. The Master was recommended to him by someone he trusts a lot, and when he saw the program, he knew it was what he wanted to do. In addition, he was excited by the opportunity to live an experience in an incredible city like Barcelona and to study in a high-quality place and gain visibility to enter the world of football.

We asked Miguel to tell us about his experience at MBP, and this is what he told us:

Miguel Ospina MBP Caso Exito

If you had to describe the MBP experience in 3 words, what would you say?

Learning, immersion and dream.


How did the MBP course helped you develop your coaching/scouting skills?

It helped me to understand football in a more structured way, to analyze it in a more precise and in-depth way.


How did it help you grow in your career?

In addition to the knowledge of the course, also with the experience of meeting people who know a lot about football and who had already worked on it.


Did it meet your expectations?

I had quite high expectations and the truth is, it exceeded them. I learned to structure the way I saw football and it was a transformative experience in every way.


What advice would you give future students?

That they have to be open to all the content, that they have to get into the experience and make the most of each class and each outing.

Miguel Ospina MBP Caso Exito

In your opinion, which was the best moment of the course?

I think it was when I was doing the Game Model and I started to see how everything was connecting and to see the relationships between what I had learned.


What is the greatest achievement in your career to date?

I would say to carry out my dream, which was to be able to dedicate all my energy and time to football, and to be able to live from it. I started in ScoutingLabs, then in Midtjylland and now I will continue my adventure in Cortuluá.


How would you define yourself as a coach/scout?

I’m still in that process, but I define myself as someone who seeks to understand why things happen in the game, who doesn’t need to be in the foreground and who can contribute more from that analytical capacity.

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