What to expect from Carlo Ancelotti’s new Real Madrid?

What to expect from Carlo Ancelotti’s new Real Madrid?


Real Madrid has now presented their new coach for the upcoming 2021/2022 season, the Italian coach, Carlo Ancelotti. During the presentation of the new coach of los blancos, the Italian said he was not the same coach from 6 years ago.

This week from MBP School of Coaches we will analyse on a general set what were the characteristics of los blancos in the previous era of the Italian and which behaviors from a tactical point of view made his mark at Everton FC during the last season in which Carlo was with. 

Real Madrid of the 2014/2015 season

The whites were a team with a very offensive style of play, where they started with a base structure of GK-4-4-2, which was characterized for having different behaviors from a gameplay point of view which were well defined, which also were well linked with the profile of players that the Italian has during that time. 

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Also, the theoretical starting eleven at the moment was made of Cristiano Ronaldo with Karim Benzema in the fore front of the attacking lines, a line of midfielders made of players like Kroos, Modric, James & Isco, players who have a very high technical profile, and finally a defensive line made with offensive fullbacks made of Marcelo & Carvajal, while the center back pair was made of Sergio Ramos y Pepe.

Delving into the characteristics from a gameplay point of view with one of its particular characteristics was with the height of the fullbacks, where Marcelo and Carvajal would almost realize functions of a winger on many occasions while also being the ones to be in charge to guarantee the width of the team in the offensive phase.

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On the other hand, an aspect that was related with the profile of players that they had was the importance to create numerical advantage in the intervention zone, where we can group them in reduced spaces in a great number of players. 

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On a defensive standpoint, the whites were very good at pressing after loss of possession, while also highlighting their great capacity to defend in a medium-low block. Here is where we would see the tactical defensive discipline from the Italian coach.

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Everton FC during the 2020/2021 season

During his time with the toffees we could see one of the greatest characteristics of  Carlo Ancelotti, was his capacity to adapt to different profiles of players that he has at his disposal. 

He started the season using the base structure of P-4-3-3 giving lots of importance to the figure of James Rodrigues, where he started from a right winger position always moving towards the inside channel to be center of attack of the team, in which he would realize an offensive play wanting to take the initiative every chance he would get.

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Later, due to injuries to the Colombian player, the Italian coach needed to modify his base structure of the team showing different structures like a GK-4-4-2 or a GK-4-2-3-1, always adapting in every moment to the profiles of its available players without losing touch his defined playing style. 

One of the most important characteristics of the english side was their capacity to generate dangerous situations through wide actions, where the figure of Calvert-Lewin was important in achieving 16 goals.

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Another of the most relevant characteristics that the english side showed, was the capacity to create vertical football always looking for the rivals box, where in comparaison with Real Madrid, the toffees made 84.6% of passes forwards, in comparaison to the 80.8% that the blancos made.


In conclusion, the Italian coach as he said in his press conference, he has changed over the past 6 years, from his previous stage with los blancos until now. Even though he still maintains certain characteristics that define himself as a coach, like his adaptability with groups of players within the squad or the tactical discipline in different phases of the game.

Therefore, there is a lot of players who make up the current squad at Real Madrid its very distinct to his previous time spent, We are sure that the Italian coach will be able to adapt to players like Vinícius, Asensio, Rodrygo, Mendy or Valverde among others, with the objective to improve them and gain success in this new step as head of los blancos.

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