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Youth Develpment: Quality during training sessions

“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Get me involved and I will learn”- Confucius. 

The renowned Chinese philosopher was already clear in the year 500 BC. In any training developing environment, the more involved the player/student is in the teaching process, the more significant the learning will be.

With this thought, the MBP methodology wants to break old currents in which the coaches’ masterclass were widely believed as the basis of learning. A coach who, through his words intended to teach players how to play football, and hoped that after some talks, players would learn and play as he wanted.

In youth development football, after several studies and many experiences in the field in different countries of the world, we can confirm that a player can retain the information that a coach gives him through advice or instructions on how to perform a specific action. But do not forget that the boy or girl is not a robot that performs what we program, but is a human being, and therefore lives based on sensations and emotions during their learning. Sensations that you must experience for yourself to get 100% involved.

Having in mind then that in order to resolve a game situation in a positive way, the player must learn to perceive the relevant information around him, make the right decision accordingly, and execute at a coordinated level what he has thought in his head effectively and efficiently. It is impossible to think that the player can learn without being involved in a context that poses a challenge and at the multisensory level must be consciously involved to find the right solution.

So, after knowing this, we start leaving aside the idea that the coach is the one who teaches us, and we start believing it is training itself who offers us the learned knowledge. The coach always as a guide but not as solution.

Therefore, taking into account that it will be the contextual quality of the training session that will put the student in a constant situation of challenge and learning, it is very important to know the aspects that a good professional in youth development football should know, to be able to handle the quality of a specific training exercise.

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