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2 Fundamentals to Improve the Attacking Coordination of the Forwards

In football, the forward line plays a crucial role in the creation of scoring opportunities and the fluidity of attacking play. Two essential fundamentals for strikers to shine on the pitch are the alternation of their dismarking and coordination with their teammates.

These two collective behavioural principles enable the team to attack effectively and generate attacking chances.

In today’s article, we will explore two of the four fundamentals that will enable forwards to improve their coordination of movement and ensure better offensive efficiency.

Fundamental: Alternating the dismarking between support and in behind.

To confuse defenders and create uncertainty, it is essential that forwards alternate their movements on the pitch. When their movement is predictable, defenders can easily anticipate it. On the other hand, by constantly changing the trajectories of their movement, forwards maintain control of the action and make it difficult for defenders.

This approach is based on a positioning geometry that forms triangles and diamonds on the pitch. This structure is highly effective and challenging for opposing teams. However, it is crucial that the forward line avoids all making supporting or runs in behind at the same time, as this could be predictable for the opposing defence.

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Fundamental: Coordinating the dismarking with other teammates.

Coordination between forwards is essential to maximise attacking opportunities. Spreading the space in the midfield allows the forwards to offer different options to the ball possessor and increase the chances of success.

There are several ways of coordinating the movements off the ball:

Two Forwards Parallel (‘One comes – One goes’): Two forwards move in parallel, one moving towards the ball while the other moves away, creating passing options.

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• Two Forwards Vertical to Each Other: One of the forwards moves vertically, offering a passing option from behind the second forward.
• Three Forwards: When three forwards are used, the wingers can move in diagonally towards the centre, which broadens the attacking options.

This coordination allows the team to maintain fluidity in the play and destabilise the opposition’s defence.


These two attacking fundamentals are essential to the success of the forward line in football. Alternating dismarking and coordinating with teammates are key strategies for maintaining uncertainty in the opposition defence and creating scoring opportunities. Forwards who master these principles are a valuable asset to any team as they drive attacking play and contribute to success on the pitch.

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