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Game Model

Football is a sport that is in constant evolution, where more and more teams are preparing in a more specific way with respect to their essence, reality, and the context in which they are involved.

For this, every coach has the aim of doing his job in the best way possible, building and generating his own Game Model. Based on this, different questions arise that we will try to solve along in this article.


What is exactly the Game Model ?

Following the definition of Tamarit (2007), the Game Model is defined as “the behavior that a team exhibits at each game moment, performing it on a regular basis”. According to that definition, at MBP School we understand that the Game Model is not only structures and behaviors, but it is much more than that.

What is his utility ?

The Game Model of a team should be a pathway that responds to all the decisions made in a team, both on and off the field of play. It must be born from the very essence of the coach, and of course it must be moldable to the needs of the context so that it can be successful wherever we try to develop it.

In addition, this will influence the programming of content to be trained throughout the season, and based on it, the training tasks will be proposed in order to favor the appearance of the desired behaviors.

What conditions it ?

Each Game Model will be conditioned by various external and internal factors of the club / team itself, therefore, it cannot be mirrored as is to another club, since the fact of being in a different context at the level of: country, values, players, goals, etc. the chances of success or development of the team decrease. For this reason, the capacity for flexibility and adaptation to the realities that we find ourselves will be very important, without ever giving up our essence as coaches.

Finally, another noteworthy aspect about the Game Model is that it will be in a continuous evolution, since the continuous variability of the different contexts that will occur during the course of the same season, such as rivals, possible injuries , streak of results, etc. It will cause the coaching staff to make certain adjustments at the structural level, of principles, sub-principles, or other elements involved in it.

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