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Héctor González: Santos Laguna

Héctor González studied the course Expert in Youth Soccer of MBP School of Coaches in 2018. Today he is the Grassroots Manager of Club Santos Laguna (Liga MX) and has returned to our school to explain his experience in MBP and how he deals with his professional challenges with the club.

What was the motivation to come to BCN to study with us? Did you meet your expectations?

To start a motivation is Barcelona as a city and the amount of football that they have within their surroundings, adding this to the quality of MBP teachers, the experience and the human quality with which they have, the defined and developed of their methodology and the variety of students (from around the world) to listen to different opinions, ways of seeing and practicing football, make this course an exquisite experience.

What would you highlight about the Base Football course you did?

The quality of teachers at all levels, the methodology they have developed and tested and the practices of both player analysis and player training.

What do you think has helped you the most MBP?

To develop professionally, to have other types of methodologies and forms of analysis, to connect with other coaches from different parts of the world to be able to get feedback on football.

If you compare your way of conducting before and after coming to MBP, what do you think has changed?

To optimize the work times, the way to express myself with the players (during the exercises) so that they can make better decisions and become smarter in the field as well as analyze each player to know in which stage of performance Find and adjust as soon as possible.

When and why did you decide to enter the world of football and what made you continue with it?

Since I was 4 years old I play football and I never stop playing it, I also come from a family attached to football that made me more passionate. Seeing results from players of all ages made me continue with this sport.

How would you define yourself as a director? Use 3 words

Passionate, responsible, open

What is the most important decision you have made to get closer to fulfilling your dreams?

Move from city, I was born in Mexico City and to continue my sports training I moved from city to Torreón to be part of Club Santos Laguna in Basic Forces.

Is there a key moment in your professional career that you want to highlight?

When the objectives of the sports area are met in all aspects both at the personal and sports levels of the players.

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