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Marco Asensio: Why is he a starter for Real Madrid?

If there is one position that has always raised doubts in Carlo Ancelotti’s starting XI, it is that of the right winger. Many players have intermittently filled the position, from Bale at the beginning of the season, to Hazard, Rodrygo and even Valverde on some occasions. However, in recent weeks, the Mallorcan Marco Asensio has taken control of the Real Madrid’s right wing with some fantastic performances.

Therefore, at the MBP School of Coaches, we are going to analyze what the Spaniard brings to Los Blancos tactically, both individually and collectively.



If the current Real Madrid number 11 stood out for anything in his early days at the club, it was for his finishing ability. Asensio possesses a formidable technical quality, which is due to his excellent coordination structure that allows him to perform high quality technical actions.

As a result, the Balearic player has become a very important offensive asset throughout his career with the club. In the current 21-22 season, Asensio is Real Madrid’s third top scorer, behind only Benzema and Vinicius. The winger has an impressive shot on goal from medium and long-range distances, being one of the few in the current Real Madrid squad that provides this scoring resource.

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Another of the Spaniard’s qualities, and one that refers to the Universal Fundamental of zone 3, is the capability of ‘not stopping once the advantage has been achieved’. Asensio is not an explosive player over short distances, however, once he starts running with the ball under control, it is very difficult to take it away from him.

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 Thanks to his brilliant ball control and powerful running, the madridista is able to leave opponents in his wake and reach the inside of the box with some ease to try to beat the opposing goalkeeper.

Asensio’s application of this fundamental is vital within the idea of the game that ‘Carletto’ wants to implement at Real Madrid. In view of the fact that the Italian is using a medium/low block in the defensive phase, Los Blancos look to connect with higher placed teammates once they win the ball back, thus trying to take advantage of the constant situations of spatial advantage over the defenders.

Finally, one of the attributes that characterizes the Balearic player, but which is not visible in the game, is his socio-affective capacity. As a left-footed player playing on the right wing, Marco’s tendency is to direct his moves towards the center of the pitch.

This habit could lead to a collective organizational problems if not managed correctly, yet Asensio coordinates very well his movements towards the central channel with those of the fullback in the same sector when the latter is looking to offer width and depth. This helps to occupy the pitch in a rational way.

Marco Asensio Real Madrid Analisis Tactico 6



Marco Asensio has succeeded in owning the right sided position of the Real Madrid attack through his brilliant performances. The Mallorcan is once again showing what he offered at the beginning of his career at the club. However, the player still needs to show more stability and consistency in his play, as this has been one of the winger’s handicaps in his time with the team.

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