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Suarez v. Costa: What can each player add to Simeone’s team?

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This week from MBP School of Coaches we will compare Luis Suarez and Diego Costa, analyzing 3 fundamentals of the striker and concluding to see which player is more complete to fit in the game model of Atletico Madrid.


Block: Mobilize the attack

Fundamentals: 2nd run towards goal in behind the center backs

Luis Suarez is most known for the application of the fundamental of runs made towards goal in behind the center backs, the player identifies very well the spatial unbalance within the defensive line, in addition to placing himself on the back of the central to obscure the mark to then attack the space through a change of pace.

On the other hand, Diego Costa also applies with great efficientcy this fundamental, especially for his great efficiency, highlighting his assertive-motor coordination with the passer. In addition, another aspect to consider is the possibility of runs in front of the first center-back to generate space for the other attacking striker or midfielder.

Block: Mobilize the attack

Fundamental: 2b Supporting run for the possessor (Diagonal run)

The Uruguayan striker has a great dominance of the present fundamental due to its frequent application in his previous club. Luis Suarez correctly identifies when he must make a diagonal run to support the ball possessor with a lateralized body position in order to keep the ball and progress with it.

On the other hand, the Spanish-Brazilian striker knows when to perform the fundamental, his body position at the moment of receiving the ball is usually not so correct, since he often focuses his attention on the ball.

Block: Crosses

Fundamental: 4th Position in behind center backs when ball is in the wide lane

Finally, both players have a great space-time capacity that allows them a perfect application of the fundamental. It is important in the application of the foundation that the player identifies the possibility of the center to be located on the back of the center-back (not from the start of the play) in order to hinder the visual marking by the center-back, making it impossible to correctly visualize the ball and opponent to score.


Once the 3 individual foundations of the striker have been analyzed, we can conclude that both players have a great mastery of the fundamentals “4th Position in behind center backs when ball is in the wide lane “, on the other hand in the application of the foundation “: 2nd run towards goal in behind the center backs”, both players know how to identify and apply it correctly. Finally, the foundation “2: 2b Supporting run for the possessor ( Diagonal run)”, Luis Suarez has a better reading and level positioning compared to Diego Costa, which will allow Atlético de Madrid a better associative game on the inside lane in game situations that require the application of the fundamental.

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  1. Marvin Tate
    October 15, 2020

    I find this analysis to be spot on. Having observed both players in their respective clubs I find their movements and coordination to be similar with a few exceptions.

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