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Football is an exciting sport where the main objective is to win. To achieve this, the team has to score more goals than the opponent. Within this context, shooting becomes a fundamental skill to achieve success on the pitch.

In this article, from the MBP School of Coaches, we will explore the importance of shooting (SMS) in football, highlighting the different aspects to take into account and providing 5 downloadable tasks to train this important part of the game.

Shooting (SMS)

First of all, we must define the concept of shooting as ‘the ability to direct the ball towards the opponent’s goal with the feet and with the intention of scoring a goal’.

Mastering this skill can make the difference between victory and defeat, as a player with good shooting skills is able to finish plays effectively, which increases the chances of success for their team.

However, in order to excel in the execution of the SMS, the player must master a number of basic and advanced concepts.

Basic Concepts:

    1. Use the inside of the foot to give more accuracy (closer) and the instep to give more power.
    2. Adapt the position of the body according to the direction of the shot.
    3. Prioritise finishing low.
    4. Use a slow or fast shot depending on the distance to the nearest defender.

Advanced Concepts:

    1. Prioritise accuracy over power.
    2. Carry on after shooting at goal (chase down rebounds).
    3. Always shoot when there isn’t a teammate in a better shooting position.

Furthermore, in addition to the different concepts that we have specified above, there are a series of parameters that will directly affect the success in the execution of the skill.

    1. Proper positioning: A player must be aware of their position on the field and look for the most favourable position to take a shot. This involves identifying free spaces, keeping a good distance from defenders to prevent blocking and anticipating the goalkeeper’s movement.
    2. Decision making: In shooting situations, players must quickly assess the available options and make good decisions.
    3. Mentality and confidence: Shooting requires confidence in one’s own abilities. Players must remain calm, concentrate on the target and overcome pressure to maximise their chances of success.

In conclusion, shooting is one of the most important specific motor skills that a football player must master. To achieve this, the player must know how to do the different basic and advanced concepts that affect execution in order to be a specialist in shooting.

Click here to download 5 tasks for improving shooting

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