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MBP SCHOOL OF COACHES was born in 2011, with the aim of offering coaches the possibility to learn a comprehensive and complete training method based on tactics. Our educational plan is founded on the teaching of a coaching methodology developed from scientific and empirical knowledge.

This methodology covers all periods of a player’s career, which include the following:

  1. Adaptation
  2. Initiation
  3. Technification
  4. High Performance

The objective of this method is the preference of the cognitive structure of the player. The intention is that when the player reaches High Performance, they can make optimal decision in the majority of situations that arise in the game.

In addition, through the MBP method, coaches will be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What to Train? Coaches will be able to teach their players more than 350 tactical concepts when they are in the youth development stage and 171 when they are in the high performance stage.
  2. How?Coaches will also learn the complete methodology for training these 350 + 171 concepts. They will know how to build the best training sessions to train these concepts.
  3. When?Coaches will be able to plan and schedule these concepts during the season.


  1. Why?Coaches will know how to reason which are the scientific bases to train those concepts, at that particular moment and with that particular training session, adapting everything to their game model.

Likewise, the coach will learn other skills such as:

  • Problem solving and decision making in both the design and implementation of football training processes.
  • Understand the methodology of competitive football training and match analysis.
  • Introduce team training and its constellations from complex thinking and to relate it to the Fundamentals of the game.
  • Analyse and optimise the capabilities and skills of football players.
  • ….

In conclusion, the MBP method will help the coach to understand football as a phenomenon, allowing them to see the game from an ontological and epistemological perspective, and relate each structure to create an indivisible whole.

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