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Success Stories: DAVID CUBERO

David Cubero, a native of Costa Rica, is one of the members of the MBP Family. He has been able to take several courses at our school and, as he explains, the training has been key to his career development – the doors were opened for him to work in one of the most renowned clubs in his country.

“Thanks to MPB I have managed to develop a very advanced knowledge, both in Youth Football as well as in High Performance. It has opened the doors for me to now to complete an internship at one of the best clubs in Costa Rica. Liga Deportiva Alajuelense has offered me the opportunity thanks to MBP’s courses and I didn’t hesitate for a second”, David told us.


How would you define yourself as a coach/scout?

I would define myself as the coach I wanted to have when I was a player. I am a coach who gives confidence to the player and who, when faced with mistakes or adversity, always has words of support and guidance for the players. Through the Expert in Youth Football course and the Specialist in Scouting and Game Analysis, I have gained a range of knowledge that helps me to develop tasks and choose content in the most professional way possible. And as a scout, the development of the Individual Fundamentals by position gives me a more professional parameter on how to select a player for a game model.


If you have to describe the MBP experience in 3 words, what words would you use?

Excellence. Family. Humility.


How has the MBP training helped you develop your coaching/scouting skills?

It has been essential, the structures in which they divide the game in MBP provides me with a road map to know which phases and sub-phases I should coach and in which area of the field they occur, as well as how to analyze the opponents and how to plan against them. As a scout, because of these structures, you can identify in which zones or which phases of the game the player dominates the most and the ones they do not.

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Why did you choose to do an MBP course?

The truth, through a story on social media. Agustín Lleida posted that he was always being asked where he could train, and well, I did not hesitate to look for them on the internet. But in the end my decision to enroll was because of the treatment from day one when I asked about the courses and the content available on them, in addition to my dream of being someone different in football in my country. From minute one it created a confidence in me that I had not seen in any service before.


How did the MBP course meet your expectations?

Not only did it meet them, it exceeded them! Each new course is like an explosion of endless ideas on how to see football and how to coach it. If expectations are high, the courses exceed them by far.


What advice would you give to future MBP students?

My advice would be to take advantage of every minute they have within the platform to go over and over the subject matter again and again. To use the resources given by MBP such as the tutors, the press conferences and ask EVERYTHING that is not clear to them. Finally, don’t be satisfied with just one course.


What do you think was the highlight of the course for you?

Well, one of my dreams has been to help Youth Football in my country. When I finished the Expert in Youth Football course, I felt that I fulfilled my first dream of being able to train players in a way that would give them a better chance to leave the country.

But in the analysis course, my favourite moment was receiving the webinars and the tutor’s feedback on the final project. It has been a unique enrichment indeed. Both in the webinars to see examples of the subject and in the professional football, to be able to ask questions. An incredible experience.


What is the greatest achievement you have accomplished in your career so far?

My greatest achievement has been the internship I am going through right now. Being in Liga Deportiva Alajuelense, besides being a dream, I have put into practice all the necessary skills of an analyst: from oppositional, individual, line and live analysis. Making live cuts, something I never imagined possible. Or seeing the cuts I made during the week in the game plan, it has made me feel very important for the team.

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