This week from MBP School of Coaches, we are going to explain why we believe the coach should add the training of collective fundamentals within the micro-training cycle, since these will be of great help to improve certain aspects of the game.

What are the game fundamentals?
Before diving into what utility the collective fundamentals have within the micro-cycle, we must first contextualize what are the fundamentals. A game fundamental is an optimal response to a situational pattern -determined and specific– that appears recurrently in the game, and that can be executed in a group or individually, either intentionally or, after internalizing it, in a self-regulated way (Rudé 2020) .

What are they useful for?
The collective fundamentals will help us to enhance and optimize certain aspects of the team:

  • The first of these is that it will allow us to coordinate the different lines of the team, that is, it will help us so that the members of the same line move in a coordinated way and in turn offer us similar responses to specific situations.
  • On the other hand, their training will help coordinate actions of different players located in different areas, such as players located in the intervention area and / or cooperation area.

What teaching strategies can we use to train them?
After knowing what the fundamentals are and it’s use and impact they have within the training micro-cycle seeking an improvement in the collective performance of the team, we must bear in mind that we have defined several types of Teaching Strategies to work these type of Collective Fundamentals. Some common characteristics of these Teaching Strategies are as follows:

  1. All players must have determined positions within the task, so they will work in a position and with a specific organization.
  2. They must be real game situations, tasks that have a real similarity to the game in terms of dynamics.
  3. All of them must have an offensive and a defensive team, regulations to contextualize the situation and promote the appearance of the foundation, etc.

If you want to know more about the Collective Foundations of the game, do not hesitate to contact us!


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