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Pre-match Routine

In a pre-match routine, regardless of the variables age, category, level and objective of the players, we should be clear that we have 2 objectives as coaches or physical trainers:

  1. Prepare the body for a correct physical activity
  2. Prepare the mind of the players for the competition

Normally the focus of attention is placed on the first, and not so much on the second, which is the same or more important considering that the body takes only a few minutes to raise the muscle temperature to prepare the accelerations, braking, jumping, beating, etc.

On the other hand, and in the line of MBP search to develop smart players who will be able to control the game through the understanding of it, it is imperative that we know how to prepare the players mentally for that game.

Knowing how much can be deepened and discussed on this subject, we will touch only a few strokes that can serve as guidance. This routine may change depending on the stage of the team, so today we will focus on high performance.

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Mental activation:

  • Show setpieces for players to review.
  • Pre-match talk by the coaching staff to contextualize the match, and without too much need for players to explain to their teammates as in the training stage.
  • Explanation of the game plan, talking about the key points (brief and relevant information).
  • Connection of the contents or ideas worked during the week as a way to look for results.
  • Accompaniment of small video. (Useful but not essential).
  • Motivational stimulus before starting to warm up.


Physical activation:

  • Very similar to the realization in stages of training, increasing the times of each exercise.
  • We only changed the game of chase for joint mobility directed + small ballistic stretches and very short in time.
  • It is also possible to introduce some specific action that will be carried out by position or line of the field if it is convenient.


Example of pre-match warming of Sir Alex Ferguson’s ManU

Example of Pre-Match warm-up of Atlético de Madrid with Profe Ortega

Here we also leave you a FIFA proposal of the different exercises to be carried out in the pre-competition activities to prepare the players for the exercise and above all to carry out an injury prevention work.

See FIFA’s proposal of activation exercices

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