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Metodo Celeste: MBP’s third visit to Sporting Cristal

In the last few weeks, we were in Lima, Peru, overseeing the implementation of the “Metodo Celeste” alongside Club Sporting Cristal, a new stage in the development of the club’s youth categories based on the IPPM system.

After several months since the start of the project, Oriol Viñas, Director of the Consulting Department at MBP School, informs us about what has been accomplished in the project.

“We are currently in the fourth stage of the IPPM (Identity, Planning, Programming and Methodology) where we focus on the methodological aspect, that is, fine-tuning the training phase. It is the most integral part of on-field development, where we establish different types of drills and didactic strategies that will help us develop the player profile and game model according to each stage of development.”

The purpose of this third visit, according to Viñas, is to lay the foundation for the development of the “Metodo Celeste” and its supervision by the partnering areas: “We came to ensure that the club’s training process can flow smoothly in all its categories. We have successfully assigned the content blocks to work on in each category to ensure the coherence and progression of the training curriculum,” he concluded.

Oriol highlights the importance of investing in technology and the work of the different areas to enhance the impact of the method. “The work of sports intelligence in creating specific training sessions, as well as the support of GPS technology in all competitive categories, facilitate the implementation and validation of the methodology.”

What is the “Metodo Celeste”?

The “Metodo Celeste” is a method created jointly by Club Sporting Cristal and MBP School of Coaches, aimed at generating a unified training curriculum from the U10 to U18 categories, that endures over time. The methodology is accompanied by the strengthening of the organizational structure. The coaching staff, areas of human development (Psychology and Social Assistance), performance (Nutrition and Physical Preparation), and sports intelligence (Analysis, Scouting, and Data) are all part of the implementation and supervision of the method.

The “Metodo Celeste” has been developed to foster the evolution of players towards the first team and to make them players with qualities and appeal to international standards.

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