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MBP School launches ‘Lunch and Learn’ concept for US coaches

MBP School of Coaches, a leading provider of soccer coaching education, is offering an 8-week Lunch & Learn series for soccer coaches from Louisiana, Oklahoma and other U.S. soccer academies. Each week of the series will focus on a different topic related to youth soccer development. The Lunch and Learn concept was conceived by a US state association, specifically Adam Kenes of Oklahoma Soccer. It was born out of a need and opportunity for coaching development in the United States. 

The goal of our partnerships with Oklahoma and Louisiana is to provide more knowledge and tools to their coaches. From the beginning, this has been accomplished by giving coaches access to our platform where they can find a wide variety of training drills, master classes, webinars and other types of coaching content. We want to take advantage of coaches’ lunch breaks to help them get to the next level. 

The Lunch and Learn program consists of 8 weeks of 30 minute webinars on Tuesdays at noon in both states.

An introduction to the week’s topic is sent to participants on Monday, followed by a 30-minute live webinar with our instructors on Tuesday, and concluding with a final quiz on Wednesday. All content is interactive and includes coaches from both states. 

The Lunch & Learn series will be a mix of live moments and activities on MBP’s interactive platform. Coaches will benefit from their lunch breaks with coaching education and this event is perfect for any soccer coach looking to improve their coaching skills and knowledge.

“We’re beyond excited that in the first 8-week cycle of Lunch and Learn sessions there are hundreds of coaches from both Louisiana and Oklahoma participating. This shows that both states are on the right path forward and we are one step closer to improve the coaching level in the USA”, says Thomas Vandebusche, business manager of MBP School.

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