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The 4 big blocks that a youth coach needs to master

Everyday, youth coaches are dedicating more time and effort in their development to become better profesionales. In most cases, the focus is not only to become better coaches but help players with potential talent to get to their objectives, or prepare themselves for more ambitious challenges which could be to direct a club from a sporting level, therefore from MBP school we believe that coach development is based on 4 Pilars:

  1. The first aspect to take into consideration in directing a club is planning and programming of training contents. This is probably the most important point of all, this will affect directly everyone defining the what and when to train each content to improve the maximum of the development processes of players training so that they keep progressing.

The difference to other methodologies that base their planning with the age of the players, At MBP School we have proven that it is more effective to plan contents in the lugological step of the player. Which means, depending on their game understanding. And once we know this step, the player/coordinator they can now proceed to plan content according to the players in each of the teams.

  1. The second aspect to take into consideration in the methodology to use when training the selected contents, This aspect will be of big relevance to transform pre established ideas in learning of the players. Therefore this aspect is important to control the best teaching strategies for the type of content or moment of the session, how to manage the context content of the drills etc.  
  1. The third aspect, is the physical preparation. This aspect is the same as the previous mentioned points it is of great importance in the player development since they are in a moment in which their conditional condition is evolving as they are growing. Also it is vitally important to differentiate the physical preparation in youth players and in adults. That is why the coach needs to be conscious of their physical capacity as well as the coordination they they need to work on in each moment.
  1. The fourth and last part is the analysis of play. Within this point, we consider the technical and tactical aspects and put into this point, We will consider all the technical and tactical aspects on which to put the focus of attention to analyze the player and the interpretation they make about them. youth football cannot be analyzed from the same perspective as professional football, so it will be key to understand this difference and use the conclusions to our benefit to incorporate these concepts into a “game model” that encourages the appearance of trained content. during the season.

Therefore, the coach / director of a club believes that he should train these 4 major areas that have been mentioned during the article, in order to be as effective as possible in the training of our players.

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