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The development of young talents from the basics

Lots of football coaches and coordinators always ask themselves what is the best way to develop  youth players. Making them progress and enjoy this sport while also conserving and improving talent of each individual to prepare them for the competition is a challenge.

Therefore and in relation of the previous post of this blog How does the planning and programming of contents affect the motivation of the players?”. This week we want to go even further and explain the importance of the training content and key points in relation to the players development. 

Once we have found out where the player/team is in regards to their corresponding ludological phase through the lugological tests while also establishing the periodization of contents through the development tests, the next step is to improve the individual talent of the player. 

But the coach must take care of the player through different teaching strategies, where we must always propose: 

  • Training content that the player could understand.
  • Respect the moment in which the player is in.
  • Prioritize individual learning in a collective environment.
  • Respect and improve natural talent without removing  y potenciar el talento natural del jugador, avoiding repressing his condition to seek from him something that he is not.

Therefore, due to the fact that the perception of the game changes depending on the ludological stage in which the players are, we will not be able to introduce children to a sport as complex as football following the game models of adults.

Finally, the coach must take into account how to interact with the player through this process, as it will directly influence the teaching-learning process in the player’s tactical development.

  • Using a direct command giving the solution to the player regarding the problem posed in the task will bypass the player’s reflection process, and therefore, significant learning.
  • On the other hand, a style such as guided discovery will encourage the player to reflect on his decisions and actions, and the learning is consolidated.

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