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Eduardo Camavinga

One major signing for Real Madrid during the latest transfer window was that of French youth prospect Eduardo Camavinga. Although the move is potentially one for the future, due to his large room for development, Camavinga is still expected to have an influential impact on ‘Los Blancos’.  

For this reason, at the MBP School of Coaches, we are going to analyse the new Real Madrid player through 3 different aspectsThe player’s profile, the game fundamentals and what impact he can have within the collective. 

  1. Player Profile 

 The first thing we want to highlight  is the position the player occupies on the pitch. Both in his previous roles at Rennes and in the French national team, Camavinga played in the holding midfield role as well as an 8where he gave his best performances. 

It was there, as a central midfielder in a midfield three, where two of the most relevant structures of the French player stood out: the coordinative structure and the conditional structure. 

In terms of the coordinative structure, we can establish that Camavinga is a very skilled technical player, who brings a coolness and a playfulness to his game. In addition, his ability to execute high technical actions allows him to solve situations of high complexity. 

1 Eduardo Camavinga MBP School of coaches

2 Eduardo Camavinga MBP School of coaches

3 Eduardo Camavinga MBP School of coaches

 Regarding the conditional structure, the 18-year-old has shown signs of his physical prowess in the different actions demanded by his game. This has been in both attacking actions where he has had to use his physical strength to beat an opponent, and in the defensive phase, in challenging for 50/50 balls where he has been mainly successful. 


4 Eduardo Camavinga MBP School of coaches 5 Eduardo Camavinga MBP School of coaches


2. Game Fundamentals 

In the most common behaviours demonstrated by Camavinga, we can highlight two fundamentals that the midfielder masters in particular.  

The first one refers to the ability to ‘position himself in the intervals’. Camavinga has a high cognitive capacity, an aspect that helps him to find the optimal zones to occupy, almost always locating a position for a passing line. This enables him to offer another solution to his teammates, and in turn, if he receives, the possibility to break the opposition’s line of pressure.  

6 Eduardo Camavinga MBP School of coaches

7 Eduardo Camavinga MBP School of coaches  

Furthermore, he also combines the application of the previous fundamental with two other very important ones within the position of the central midfielder: Finding Diagonal Support Behind The Back Of The Direct Opponent At A Height Capable To Overcome Them, and Directing Movements Towards Inside Spaces. 

The second fundamental that stands out in the new Real signing is that of Alternating Between Playing Short (Continuity/Safety) And Long (Risk/Depth). Camavinga’s incredible passing range gives the player and the team an ability to alternate passing dynamics and make it more difficult for the opponent to defend. 


8 Eduardo Camavinga MBP School of coaches

9 Eduardo Camavinga MBP School of coaches

In addition, the French star is able to identify the possible progression options to direct the play there, and thus take advantage of a potential situations of spatial or numerical advantage. 


  1. Camavinga’sImpact on the Collective 

While still only 18 years old, Camavinga has always shown a great maturity that has been reflected in the player’s impact within his teams. 

Breaking into the Rennes starting line up at the age of 16, as the pivot of the team, we could see how Camavinga took a very significant role in the construction of the play. Here, he was the player responsible for being the first passing line in the build-up, applying many of the fundamentals described previously. 

Similarly, the young playmaker also likes to get involved in the different attacking moments of the game, not only in the creation of it, but also in the final third and when finishing at goal. 

As an 8, he occupies more advanced areas of the pitch. In this position, he is able to play his teammates into very advantageous positions, while also being active in finishing from his long-range shots outside the box. 


10 Eduardo Camavinga MBP School of coaches



Although we are talking about a very young player who is still yet to fully develop, Camavinga has the possibility to bring many qualities to Real Madrid, as we have seen in the analysis.  

At the MBP School of Coaches, we are eager to see how Camavinga progresses at an individual level at the club, and, also, in how he takes the opportunity to learn day by day from players such as Luka Modric and Toni Kroos, two of the world’s best players in his position. 

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