MBP School of Coaches arrived at Atletico Mineiro in October 2018 to carry out the project of creating and developing a personalized methodology through the IPPM System: The Galo Method. The objective was to enhance the identity of the club, understanding the context of Minas Gerais and Brazilian culture, to integrate all the essential elements to be the best youth development club in the country and South America.

That is why MBP, together with all the Club’s professionals, began a process of reflection, study and co-creation to organize knowledge within the Club.

Sistema IPPM MBP School Metodo Galo Atletico Mineiro

The IPPM System provides a very marked structure that aims to facilitate the steps required for the creation of the method itself. It is then that MBP and the professionals from ‘Galo’ spent the first months in the development of the Club Identity: the cornerstone that marked the way forward. The development of Identity was carried out through various tests, interviews and hours of discussion to jointly define 3 key points:

  • The Club’s values
  • The players profiles that the club wanted to create in its grassroots football
  • The game model that best represents the club

From here, we build the planning phase, which consists of defining subsequent actions by determining a language of its own in relation to football concepts and content. It answers to WHAT content we are going to train, and which allows the same way of communication and work, both for the technical commissions and the players, who are the most important in this process.

IPPM MBP School Of CoachesMetodo Galo Atletico Mineiro

For this reason, the language of the Club was developed with the aim that all coaches talk about the game concepts using the same words from U-11 to U-20. The technical commissions gave priority to the content in a progressive way, from training to be prioritized from the bottom (U-11) to the last step before reaching professional football, the U-20.

It was then that we began to determine the weekly schedule, which is known as the micro-cycles. Each category has its own micro-cycle to respect and develop those contents previously selected for the season. And finally, the visible part, observable in the field, the training methodology. This last step consisted in defining HOW to train those contents.

For this, a series of Didactic Strategies were created, types of personalized training tasks for the club with very marked characteristics and parameters that allow us to control and evaluate the methodological process day by day within the club.

Sistema IPPM MBP School of Coaches Metodo Galo Atletico Mineiro

When everything was ready and up and running, the Covid-19 appeared, stopping the process for more than 1 and a half year of work. However, and after completing the creation of the GALO METHOD in December 2020, we can announce that the Club Atletico Mineiro and MBP School of Coaches have reached an agreement for the implementation, monitoring and development of the created Method. So we will have the opportunity to continue helping the giant Brazilian club in the implementation of the method over the next year.

On the other hand, MBP will contribute its experience in creating processes to develop the individual tactics of those players that the club considers most talented to reach the football elite, by enhancing their understanding of the game on the field.

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