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MBP School of Coaches: 10 years believing in you

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During this 2021, MBP School of Coaches celebrated its tenth anniversary: 10 years believing in you.

It’s been 10 years of pure football, surrounded by amazing people, by coaches seeking happiness through football. That happiness of being able to achieve a goal which seems to far for many people. 3650 days of pure passion. Unique passion that only emanates from football. 87600 hours coexisting in an environment with people that not only teach you about our profession, but about life itself.

All the people that make up the MBP Family are the ones that have forged our company. They have filled it with unbreakable values, as they have been built by more than 8000 coaches, of more than 40 different nationalities, who have passed through our school through our online and face-to-face training and through our services with federations and international clubs.

MBP School of Coaches 10 years believing in you

This letter is to show respect and gratitude to all the people who have trusted us throughout these 10 years. Those of you who have accompanied us from the beginning know that it has not been easy to fight for our dream, to maintain our faith that our content, our courses, our services could help coaches from all over the world on their way to happiness, towards their career goals. We have always believed in you and we have always felt your support.

10 years learning, thanks to you, to BELIEVE. What a wonderful word and how difficult it is to put it into practice when the life in which we live is so liquid, so short-term. But what a great satisfaction when you believe, when you do not throw in the towel, when you lean on your team, when you are on the verge of letting it go, when you run against the current and, still, having everything against you, you reach the goal. You feel unshakable, you think that you can achieve everything.

MBP School 10 years believing in you

It is then when you see the force that the word believe has, the enormous force that it gives off when this way of life is not only of one person, but of 8000. You have taught us this way of life, this way of believing without limits.

You have sold your cars, your apartments, to come to Barcelona to study at MBP School. You have left your families, your countries, to acquire a knowledge that you believed would give you that differential to achieve your goals. You have believed in yourself above everything and despite everything. That force has taken its toll on MBP School and today it is part of our DNA, of your DNA.

10 years of daily gratitude for being able to live with you the fulfilled dreams that you have managed to achieve: Olympic medals, League championships, signings in professional teams, national teams. You have achieved all this and we are tremendously proud to have helped a little in this wonderful career that you are living.

MBP School of Coaches 10 years believing

Huge appreciation for those who trusted in the beginning. Allow us to say their names because they are the pillars that forged this way of life based on faith, on belief: Javier Mier, Enrique Meza, Diego Meza, Nacho Flores, Jaime Lozano, Pablo Boneills, Brett Utley, Loran, Nangila, Eduardo Gonzalez, Jorge, Craig Tornberg, Jesús Padrón, Luiz Henrique Rocha and all those who were with us since the first moment.

That strength, that way of life based on belief, today is our base to continue fighting to improve our content, our MBP method, our training. It is our base to continue believing through MBP School you can make your dreams come true.

Eternally grateful


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