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MBP School and Driblab Sign Strategic Collaboration Agreement

MBP School of Coaches and Driblab are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration aimed at integrating advanced statistics into the Master’s in High-Performance Football, both in-person and online, as well as other courses offered by the coaching school, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.


What does the agreement with Driblab consist of?

This strategic alliance will provide students with privileged access to advanced analysis tools and methodologies developed by Driblab, as well as attendance at various masterclasses delivered by Driblab’s team of analysts. These masterclasses will help students understand and manage advanced statistics applied to football.

With over 13 years of experience in training football professionals, MBP School has stood out for its commitment to excellence and differentiation in its methodologies. MBP trains over 1,000 coaches annually from more than 35 different countries, which has allowed it to build a network of nearly 10,000 coaches worldwide.


Driblab, one of the most relevant football big data consulting firms in the industry, has developed a wide range of technological solutions for tactical analysis and scouting in football. With over seven years of experience and agreements with top-tier global clubs, Driblab’s innovative approach and deep knowledge of the game have been crucial in helping clubs and federations make better decisions.

With this agreement, MBP School reaffirms its commitment to providing its students with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in the football industry, representing a step forward in the pursuit of academic and professional excellence in the field of sports.

According to Eduard Fortet, Technical Director of MBP School, “Our intention is to improve the preparation and training of coaches, and this collaboration with a company like Driblab allows us to take a leap forward by offering more tools to our students, aiming to give them more knowledge in an area that has been growing significantly in recent years and is already a reality in modern football.”

For Marcos Delgado, Director of Strategic Alliances at Driblab, “This collaboration strengthens our position in the industry as a relevant player in student training. Being able to assist prestigious academies and schools like MBP School, which are committed to advanced statistics in game analysis, is yet another sign of our growth and recognition as a consultancy.”

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