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The contextual quality of the environment

The football coach could teach many things to his players, but not as much as the environment or game context could teach through situations that these young footballers may encounter.

Due to the big teaching potential that the environment brings us, the coach should be an expert in identifying the intersectual dynamics in training tasks in order to adjust the content to be worked on that , with the objective that the ideal behaviors appear to generate learning situations. 

Therefore, the coach must be able to create contents of play, bringing the best quality posible in which involves the player in his own learning environment.

Also, how can the coach get more involved in the improvement of the contextual quality of the task ?

One of the two aspects that we must handle as coaches to ensure contextual quality in each of the training tasks, adapting them to the ludological step and needs of the players, are the physical elements that make it up.

The distinct physical elements that the coach needs to take into account to improve the quality are:

  • Time
  • Ball
  • Teammates and rivals
  • Goals

The other aspect to be taken into account by the coach is the standardization process, which is composed of three types of regulations that have the purpose of channeling the attention of the players, and that they can learn the content and the corresponding standards.

Los 3 tipos de normativas principales que podemos modificar para favorecer la aparición del contenido principal, recaen sobre:

  • The roles of the players
  • The spaces of play 
  • Points system

Therefore, transferring all this generalized information to specific football training, we would like to highlight the great importance of contextual quality management in the design of the different teaching strategies in a session. This is because the players will have to practice and interact directly with that environment generated by the coach, in order to incorporate new concepts into their skills. Then, it is clear that the context of the training tasks turns out to be the basic element to promote the child’s progress in their learning and soccer development.

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