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Why is the technification period so important?

The technification period is of vital importance in the development of players, as it is the bridge between the initiation stage and high performance. Although it often does not receive the necessary attention, its correct preparation and transition are fundamental to guarantee success in the sport and to avoid negative consequences such as early drop out or the formation of bad habits.

Transitions between sporting periods, both in and out of sport, are crucial for athletes to have a successful career and a fulfilling life. According to Stambulova, Alfermann and Coté (2009), coping successfully with these transitions is key to living a prolonged athletic life.

The transition to high performance is described as the most difficult by the athletes themselves. Many fail and drop out of sport, while only a small proportion manage to make the leap to high performance.

To ease the transition between sporting periods, the involvement of parents in the process is crucial. Studies have shown that athletes who have greater parental support and involvement are more likely to make a successful transition.

In addition to technical, tactical and physical aspects, the technification period should include psychological and contextual aspects to facilitate the adaptation of young athletes.

This period also focuses on physical, mental and psychological development and maturation, laying the foundations for adult life and high performance.

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In terms of biological development, during the technification period there is accelerated muscle growth and a consolidation of the bone structure. It is important to take into account differences in the maturational development of players, as this can influence their physical performance.

Relative age is also a factor to consider, as more physically mature players are often selected for elite teams. The maturational and physiological level can be an important factor for performance, especially in young athletes.

In terms of psychological development, during the technification period players start to act and think in a more reasonable way. Adolescence is a transitional stage in which adolescents seek to discover and establish their identity. Variables such as self-confidence, anxiety control, motivation and concentration are fundamental in the psychological development of athletes.

Stress and anxiety can negatively affect the sports performance and health of athletes. It is therefore important to develop psychological skills that enable them to cope positively with competitive demands and to enjoy sport.

In summary, the technification period is essential to prepare young athletes for high performance. Biological, psychological and contextual aspects must be taken into account to facilitate a successful transition.

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