What are the individual fundamentals by position? What are they used for? It is most likely you have heard many coaches talking about this topic. In this post, we will explain in more detail this concept that is studied in great depth in the Master in High Performance Football at the MBP School of Coaches.

Why are they necessary?

Football can be described as a hyper-complex sport, where 11vs11 is played in a 6,000m square space with no restrictions beyond the touchlines and the offside law. Furthermore, football is characterized by not being able to use your hands to possess the ball (apart from the goalkeeper), in addition to other rules governed by a referee which affect the course of the game. As a result, the team that is able to dominate all of these aspects to the maximum, at a tactical level, will be the one that has the best chance of success.

Since the sport’s foundation, we have seen many teams winning championships and making history by playing completely different styles. One thing they do have in common is that their players, who interpret the game idea, are capable of recognizing situations and making successful decisions accordingly.

When we train a concept or a situation with our players, it is practically impossible to describe in detail all the possible scenarios in football, since no two situations are exactly the same due to the infinity of details that vary them. However, this is not an excuse to not try in some other way.

To do this, at MBP, we train players through the individual fundamentals by position.

Captura de pantalla 2021 05 28 a las 17.28.48 THE INDIVIDUAL FUNDAMENTALS BY POSITION (IFPs) MBP School of coaches

What is an individual fundamental by position?

Through many years of study, we have been able to identify and describe the most common situations that players find themselves in depending on their position on the field.

After analyzing these moments, we have been able to find the consistent decisions made by the most successful players involved in each of these scenarios, and, as a result, be able to describe them.

These fundamentals are in the attacking and defensive phase in each of the positions of the game.

For every situation, we have then defined the optimal response, with which we believe that the player will have a higher percentage of success in that action.

With these fundamentals, we will be able to recognize in detail the desired behavior of each player and be able to plan the training to form the actions we want to encourage.

Furthermore, it will be extremely useful when it comes to analyzing individual players, whether this relates to team selection or for recruitment purposes.

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