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The Universal Collective Fundamentals

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One of the differentiating aspects of MBP School of Coaches is the development of intelligent players, who are able to identify in the situation in which they are at each moment, and are able to respond with an optimal response previously identified and trained.

Many of these situations we are talking about, are common to a specific position, due to the situation of the player in the field, distance from the goal, relationship with colleagues, responsibilities he has, etc. But many others do not respond to an individual need of the position, but to a collective requirement, where all the players who belong to a particular area of ​​the field or phase of the game must know and know how to solve.

This idea then, does not respond to the player structure, but to the team structure.

Nowadays there are many theories and perspectives when it comes to understanding the functioning of this team structure. All of them, what they try to understand and describe are complex and ecological thinking, effective organization and self-organization, and many other theories that try to explain how a collective works in the search for the same objective.

An example in which we look very hard to try to draw common points and threads to throw to try to better understand this collective intelligence that we look for in a football team, is in nature, and specifically in the animal world, where we find the examples of the organization of the starlings in the winter time, or of the sardine banks that coordinate perfectly to avoid the attack of predators as we can see in the videos.

Given this need of the team to self-regulate, self-manage and collectively understand what the team needs in each of the phases and moments of the game in a specific area of ​​the field, the Universal Collective Fundamentals are born.

These Universal Collective Fundamentals (UCF), respond to the situations in which each team is in both offensive phase and defensive phase, in the starting game zone, construction zone, and finishing zone.

One of the teams that are remembered with more dominance and collective superiority over the rest of the teams, was Pep Guardiola’s FC Barcelona. We leave you a compilation video of the best actions left to us by the team that dominated football during that time, and where this type of Fundamentals constantly appear.


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