5 keys of the Scouter – Coach Coordination

We all know that in any collective or group of people working in a team, the relationship and communication between the people involved, is essential to obtain success in any context which they are involved with common objectives defined to obtain.

In a professional technical staff is not less, since it is made up of many people with different roles and must work for the same goal: win every week. 1st coach 2nd coach, assistant coaches, goalkeeper coach, scouters, physical trainers, physiotherapists, delegate, material managers, psychologists, nutritionist, etc.

Within all the possible relationships within a coaching staff, today we would like to highlight, due to its importance, the coordination of the Scouter-Coach binomial.

Why is it so necessary for a first coach to have a good Scouter or Scouting group?

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Scouter – Coach coordination: The 5 Keys


1. The information filter of the Scouter to the 1st coach.

A professional scouter handles a lot of information about the team itself, rivals, players, etc. All this amount of information can not be transferred to the coach, but it will be key to know what the coach needs to know to improve the performance of the team and perform a filter being able to get him that information that is really relevant.

For this, it will be basic preparation and knowledge of the game, since otherwise we will only be able to observe and identify superficial aspects and with little influence on the game.

2. Decisions during the match in a live analysis.

During a game, if the scouter is performing a live analysis, you should be aware that it is impossible for the coach to control all the performance factors. As scouters then, we must be aware that we have a lot of influence in the decision making of the coach in the management of the team during the game.

If our work is professional and there is trust between scouter and coach, we will inform the coach that they will make decisions that will bring us closer to victory.

3. Identification of weak / strong points of the own team to prioritize work contents during the week.

One of the main objectives of the training during the week, will be to improve the team by solving the weak points and strengthening the strengths. Not focused on the weekend game but focused on the development of the team in the medium / long term.

The figure of the scouter, will be basic to analyze and identify which are these weak / strong points and transmit it to the coach. Therefore, you will be influencing the training content during the week.

4. Identification of rival information to prepare the match plan.

In the same way as the previous point, it is basic for the coach that the scouter will send him weekly information about the key points of the weekend rival. This information through report and video will be fundamental to prepare the game plan, and adapt the principles and sub-principles of the game in search of overcoming the rival.

5. Help the head coach in the signing of new players.

When the period of new signings and incorporations is opened, we can always rely on intuition or personal opinion on whether it is better to sign a player or another. Here, the figure of the scouter will be basic for the coach to help select the right players with more fundamentals than the simple impression, making a deep study about the profile we need and the option that best fits it.

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