Values in Youth Football

Training values in football is, for MBP, an important aspect in the development of boys and girls at early ages. Thay will learn the essential foundations they will use for all their life; in both sides, as a human and as a football player.

This week we have received an interesting publication on social networks that has given us a thread to deal with an interesting topic: The importance of values ​​in formative football.

Two parents watching a formative football match:
A: Who is your son?
B: Why?
A: I wanted to tell you that it is very bad!
B: Sorry?
A: Yes, insult him. Tell him he is doing very badly.
B: Man, you can’t do that. Would you like me to insult your son?
A: You’ve been doing it all the game!
B: No way! Who is your son?
A: The referee …

This is a sad real example seen recently during a youth football game, and a great lesson to that father.. We will then review 2 key and essential points for the whole club to be clear the behaviors that are correct in a field.

1. Values ​​and unwritten rules.

In the whole sports community, and in our case in a football club, there are many people involved in it. Coaches, managers, players, family, referees, friends. With such a diversity of personalities and ways of thinking and acting, it is very necessary to have rules of conduct, probably not written, but which are governed by values.

Of these values ​​should be part of all the people involved, and should go hand in hand and consistency with all decisions and actions taken within a club, in the all the possible directions. This is necessary throughout the community, since it can be recriminated after its actions.

So it is very important that these values ​​are known to everyone. And not only known, but worked and exemplified with actions. Coaches can not ask for a behavior to the parents if they don’t do the same. Parents can not ask for a behavior to the referees if the don’t do the same. Coaches can not ask for a behavior to the players if they don’t do the same. And this in all possible directions.

This is not just a simple objective: the good coexistence between the people who are part of the entity, a context and a healthy environment for the player who develops normally.

Anyone who doesn’t accept or respect to this can not be part of that community.

2. The rowing team

We must understand the sport and more in youth football, where we can’t forget that the protagonists are the players and the objectives are to have fun and to learn, we must all row in the same direction.

The influence that all the people that are around the players have on them, has incalculable limits. We have all heard that phrase “children are sponges”. And this is true, for the good and the bad.

Then, as a rowing team, we can affirm categorically that those players who are surrounded of a favorable context, are those that really reach success. Let’s respect the little protagonists then.

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