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A new group of coaches graduated at MBP School

Last Friday, May 3rd, was a day of celebration and recognition in Barcelona with the graduation of a new group of coaches who successfully completed the Master in High Performance Football at MBP School of Coaches.


New Coaches of the MBP Family 

The graduation marked the end of an intense 4-month program, filled with practical, theoretical, and travel activities, which prepared the participants to reach new levels in the world of football. From on-field training sessions to masterful press conference simulations, master’s students experienced comprehensive training that covered all aspects of the sport we are passionate about.

But beyond technical skills, the program also emphasized key values ​​such as game fundamentals, methodology, metagame, didactic strategies, player and team analysis, report creation, and the development of a game model as a final project.

Entrenadores,MBP School,Graduación

In an emotional tribute to the graduates, Gerard Casanova, master’s director, shared his reflections: “We are incredibly proud of the progress and dedication demonstrated by our students throughout this demanding program. They have shown not only talent but also commitment and sacrifice, fundamental values ​​that embody the essence of MBP.”

Thomas Vanderbushe, MBP’s business director, also expressed his admiration for the graduates’ achievements: “This graduation is a testament to MBP’s commitment to excellence in training elite football coaches. We are excited to see how these new talents have prepared themselves and are ready to contribute to the future of the sport.”

Entrenadores,MBP School,Graduación

The graduation of the Master in High Performance Football in Barcelona not only marks the end of a stage but also the beginning of a new era for these coaches, who are ready to make their mark on the world of football with the lessons learned and the values ​​instilled by the MBP School of Coaches. Congratulations, coaches!

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