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Game plan: Which 5 steps should we take into account? 

The Game plan is one of the keys in modern day football, as teams have less training time. Therefore, it will be key to understand and know what must be taken into account to design it.

Today we are going to explain those 5 steps that must be taken into consideration to generate a game plan according to your team and rival.

  • The first factor to take into account will be the analysis of the rival, each team you come up against will have a different behaviours, so it will be key to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the rival of each of the four phases of the game and their respective moments, both at a structural and behavioral level, as well as set-piece actions and the individual profile of its players.
  • The second and third aspect to take into account will be the filtering of all the information, and the development of the methodological patterns, as we will explain during our webinar “FROM ANALYSIS TO THE PLAYING FIELD“.
  • The fourth and most important step in this process will be your own team. From here, you must decide how much percentage you want to adapt depending on the rival within your behaviors in the different moments and phases of the game within your game model. Within this aspect, it will be very important that the team does not lose its own essence.
  • The fifth and last step will be the reenactment  of “scenarios“. These scenarios will be the structural and behavioral adjustments that the team will adopt in very specific moments of the game where we identify that the structure and behavior of the rival team can make it very difficult to develop our principles or sub-principles of the game marked by the Game model. . 
  • For example, if the principle of the team at the moment of static start defense is to make individually mark with the intention of forcing the opponent to play long, and you play against a team where their forwards have a very high dominance of the passing game, a possible scenario will be to modify thus principle with the intention of freeing the rival team to play short and then execute a possible pressure.

Finally, other aspects that must be taken into account and no less important, will be the interpretations of sequences that we have programmed within our Game Model. Since having prepared and trained certain adjustments based on certain situations related to the minute of play, score, or possible sending offs, will help the team to remain competitive by adapting to these new situations.

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