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“MBP creates the opportunities required to develop as a unique coach”

We are very proud to say Olly Porteous is part of the MBP family. Originally from Manchester, he came to Barcelona a couple of years ago and did the Masters in High Performance, so he spent a few months with us. It was amazing to have him around! Olly went back to UK and is now working at Manchester City as a Junior Academy U7 and U8 Coach. We wanted to share a little of his experience at MBP and how it helped him after.

What motivated you to come to Barcelona?
I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and find an opportunity to experience a football culture in another country. I knew that I had to find knowledge and experience that would enable me to create a solid foundation for my coaching career.

What would you highlight from the Master?
This is so hard to pick one defining moment, from the people I met, to experiencing the culture of the city, having the opportunity to study football everyday but one stands out for me, it is the work we did with Xavi Garcia – wow what a guy! He has forgotten more than I know about the psychological aspect of the game, the soft people skills, the feelings, which I believe are so crucial as a coach. His delivery of this content is truly unique.

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How did MBP help you to become a better coach/person?
MBP is a gold mine full of knowledge and experience, the opportunity to challenge your own values and views and learn from other cultures and people is so beneficial as a coach. MBP combine the theory with the real world so well, the culture created allowed me to grow as a person and as a professional. You have to live it to truly understand what I mean, the other MBP family members understand what I am talking about.

How would you define yourself as a coach?
Again a complex question which we could talk about for a long time, so in three words: Hardworking, humble and honest!

Honest is a key one for me with the players, they need to understand what I expect from them and I need to learn what they expected form me allowing us to create the relationship required to progress. I would say that I am a holistic coach that wants to learn! All aspects of the game, I don’t believe this ever stops. When I am coaching I try to create and provide an environment that the players fall in love with, ensuring that each time they come they come to work hard and improve. I try to vary my delivery style depending on what players I have on the grass with me but one thing remains consistent, we are all their to learn and improve.

Is there a key moment in your coaching experience that you want to highlight?
It is so hard to pick one highlight from what is an incredible journey, from being given my first academy tracksuit, to working with disadvantaged children in South Africa, or experiencing first team football on the toluene in China, and of course living in Barcelona! I could not pick one highlight, and would encourage other coaches to not always focus on the outcome but to enjoy the process.

How does your Master experience help you in your daily coaching life?
MBP has provided me with the knowledge that creates a strong foundation for my coaching, but for me the Masters is so much more than knowledge collecting it is not about becoming a copy and paste coach, it creates the opportunities required to develop as a unique coach.

I feel the masters enabled me to develop a greater awareness both professionally and personally and this is something that I use daily within the coaching environment.

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