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What will Aurélien Tchouaméni bring to Real Madrid?

Real Madrid have recently confirmed the signing of Aurélien Tchouaméni for next season. The French U23 international player has been one of the players who has stood out most in Ligue 1. 

With the arrival of Tchouaméni, the club has secured a player of the present but, above all, of the future. Moreover, with the signing of the promising youngster, Casemiro’s long-term replacement is guaranteed.

For this reason, at the MBP School of Coaches, we are going to describe in depth what Tchouaméni’s player profile through his structures and fundamentals, and what role the Frenchman can have in Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid.


Player Profile

Tchouaméni is a ‘box to box’ player. Thanks to his conditional capacity, the Frenchman is able to cover large spaces on the pitch.



Through his physical power, the new Real Madrid player has a great impact on the different phases of the game. For example, the La Liga champions should not be surprised to see Tchouaméni recovering many balls in zone 1, and subsequently support his team’s attack, finishing the play in the opponent’s box.

The second aspect to highlight within the Frenchman’s structures is his coordination skills. In this matter, we can argue that Tchouaméni combines the defensive skills of Casemiro, together with the attacking talent of his compatriot Paul Pogba.

Although Tchouaméni has a larger build, he is not slow in the execution of his movements. The Frenchman is able to use different technical resources to get past opposition pressure and successfully get out of these situations.

 In addition, it is important to highlight the midfielder’s ability to combine both structures, allowing him to coordinate his technical skills with his conditional ability, generating a perfect synergy for today’s modern game.


Fundamentals of the Game

If we dive deeper into the more tactical aspects of the game, we can highlight the great tactical ability that Tchouaméni has. The Frenchman excels in his cognitive intelligence, being able to dominate in both offensive and defensive phases.

In the attacking side of his game, the new signing possesses a great ability to apply the universal fundamental of the zone of progression ‘Searching For A Game In Progression By Assessing The Risk/Benefit Of The Passes’.

Tchouaméni is able to identify when to take a risk in the type of passes he makes, executing ones in progression that open up advantageous situations for his teammates, or, on the other hand, for continuity with less risky passes.

Regarding the defensive aspects of his game, the player is noted for his ‘Taking Responsibility For The Corresponding Attacker According To The Situation’ according to the different situations that arise during the play, whether his team are pressing or sitting off.

His great mastery in the application of the aforementioned fundamentals, together with his technical defensive skills, make Tchouaméni an impassable defensive player.


Tchouaméni’s Impact on the Team

Tchouaméni does not yet have the ability to have a big impact on the way his teams play, as players like Modric or Kroos do, due to his experience. However, the ex-Monaco man is greatly adaptable to different playing contexts, providing his teams with the ability to adjust to the different scenarios that may occur during a match.

However, the Frenchman has been leaving hints of what he can bring to his team. For example, in moments when his team is more dominant, Tchouaméni is able to provide the necessary continuity in possession to consolidate the different attacking actions.

On the other hand, in the defensive moments of the game, whether in transition attack – defence or organized defence, the player can thwart opposition attacks.



It is clear to see the great potential that Tchouaméni has. His arrival at Real Madrid allows the club to gain a player with unique qualities within the squad, in addition to having a future replacement for Casemiro.

At the MBP School of Coaches, we will follow very closely the evolution of Tchouaméni at the Santiago Bernabéu, to see if his good form will continue in the capital.

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