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What could Lewandowski bring to FC Barcelona?

FC Barcelona is exploring the transfer market in search of new players to excite the culé faithful once again. One of the most talked about players in recent weeks is Robert Lewandowski. The current winner of the ‘the best’ award, seems to have closed his time at Bayern Munich and is looking for new experiences. With the arrival of the Pole, the Catalan side would once again have a decisive player in the box. However, Robert Lewandowski is not just a penalty-area player. During the last few years, he has shown a great evolution in his play.

That is why, at the MBP School of Coaches, we are going to describe in depth the player profile of the Pole through his structures and fundamentals, and what impact he could have on Xavi Hernandez’s FC Barcelona.


Which player profile is Robert Lewandowski?

Robert Lewandowski is a true finisher. However, as we have mentioned before, the Pole has become more involved in the play, even playing as a ‘false 9’. This new role on the part of the player is due to the evolution he has undergone with respect to his cognitive structure, a vital capacity in the world of soccer. Lewandowski has always shown a great ability to know which spaces to occupy inside the area. However, his evolution with respect to this structure has allowed him to have a greater impact in other moments of the game.

For example, in moments of progression and attacking play in the final 3rd, it is not uncommon to see the Pole drop deeper, helping to generate numerical superiority in the active zone of the ball, thus generating new passing lanes.

Lewandowski FC Barcelona Fundamentos 1

Lewandowski FC Barcelona Fundamentos 2

Another of the striker’s great strengths is his coordination structure. Unlike other forwards, the current Bayern Munich player has shown great technical mastery. This aspect is reflected in the ease with which he has shown in applying different striker’s fundamentals such as ‘orienting the body in such a way that the shot is possible’, or ‘finishing using all available resources’.

Lewandowski FC Barcelona Fundamentos 3

Lewandowski FC Barcelona Fundamentos 4

Lewandowski FC Barcelona Fundamentos 5

As can be seen in the images displayed, the variability of resources at the striker’s disposal is phenomenal. This ease of finishing has allowed the player to achieve a remarkable goal scoring record over the last few seasons.


The key fundamentals from Robert Lewandowski

Looking at the more tactical aspects of the game through the fundamentals, we can see the huge capacity that Robert Lewandowski has to provide solutions to his team through his behaviors on the pitch. The first fundamental that we want to highlight makes mention of ‘guaranteeing the depth of the team‘ on the part of the striker. The Pole is usually the main reference in his sides, in charge of guaranteeing the offensive depth, looking to fix deeper defensive lines in order to generate interlinear spaces between the opponents’ midfield and defensive line.

In addition, the Pole also takes some responsibility in the moments of progression and attacking in the final 3rd, offering support to players located in the first line, as well as in the second, facilitating the offensive construction.

However, once he has already participated in the development of the play, the Polish striker always returns to his position of the number 9. However, if this has already been rebalanced by a teammate, Lewandowski seeks to tactically balance his team, placing himself in other positions in front of the attack. Another of the Pole’s strong points is the application of the fundamental of ‘attacking the most effective spaces for finishing’.

Since his early days at Lech Poznań, Lewandowski has always shown a brilliant ability to attack the most effective spaces. When the Polish striker identifies a possible pass or cross from one of his teammates, the player has the ability to attack the most favorable finishing space that allows him to shoot with more time and space.

Lewandowski FC Barcelona Fundamentos 6

Lewandowski FC Barcelona Fundamentos 7

In addition, the player knows how to apply this fundamental in combination with others of the striker’s position . For example, in situations of crosses, Lewandowski is a specialist in ‘attacking the ball as early as possible in its trajectory‘, thus managing to anticipate it before his direct defender.

Finally, if there is one area in which the Bayern man is a specialist, it is in the application of the IFP ‘finishing first time ensuring good contact’.

The Pole is an excellent first-time finisher. As we have already seen during the analysis, Lewandoski has a knack of finishing actions with one touch. Thanks to this, the striker significantly reduces the time taken by both the goalkeeper and the defender.

Lewandowski FC Barcelona Fundamentos 8

Lewandowski FC Barcelona Fundamentos 9

Lewandowski FC Barcelona Fundamentos 10


What impact could Robert Lewandowski have on FC Barcelona?

Unlike other new additions, at MBP School of Coaches we believe that the impact that Lewandoski could have on Xavi Hernandez’s team would be immediate.

But what would this impact be like?

Without a doubt, the most significant impact the Pole would have is in the form of goals. Lewandowski is a natural goalscorer, capable of averaging 1 goal per game over the last three seasons. His possible arrival at the Blaugrana, would allow Xavi Hernandez’s team to have again a predator in the area. Since the departure of Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona has lost this figure.

Another aspect that the player could bring to the blaugrana team, would be a better ball circulation in the offensive phase. As mentioned previously, Lewandowski has included in his repertoire functions as a ‘false 9’, thus helping his team to have a greater offensive effectiveness in the moments of progression and attacking in the final third.

In addition, Robert would also bring the variability of offering the option of playing a more direct game in front of possible scenarios of intense pressure from the opposing team. Thanks to his height and body control, the Pole has a great command of the play from the back, being able to bring down aerial balls with great ease.

Lewandowski FC Barcelona Fundamentos 11



Undoubtedly, the arrival of Robert Lewandowski at FC Barcelona would allow the Culé team to once again have a world-class player in their squad. In addition, the Pole would guarantee an excellent scoring record at the end of the season, and provide a great impact on the dynamic phase of the Blaugrana’s offensive play.

At the MBP School of Coaches, we will follow very closely the evolution of the summer market, to see if Barcelona finally manages to acquire the services of Robert Lewandowski.

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