Individual Fundamentals Per Position

Individual fundamentals per position, what are they? What are they for? Surely many times you’ve heard coaches talk about it, so today we’re going to explain in greater depth this concept that is so much worked on in the Master in High Performance Soccer of MBP School of Coaches.

¿Why do we need them?

In a hyper-complex sport like soccer, where is played by 11 vs. 11 players in a space of about 6000 square meters with no restrictions of use beyond the offside, with a relative concept of possession because is not allowed to hold the ball with hands, In addition to many other factors that affects the course of the game, the team that is able to fully master all these aspects at the tactical level, is the one with more chances of success.

From the beginnings of this sport, we have seen teams winning most important championships and making history playing completely different styles, but one thing they have in common: that they have players who interpret this game idea, and are able to recognize situations and decide with success.

When it comes to a situation with our players, it is practically impossible to describe in detail all the possible situations in football and there are not two situations exactly equal to the infinity of details that respond to the situation. But this is not an excuse for not doing it.

For this, in MBP we train players through individual fundamentals of the game.

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What is an individual fundamental per position?

  • After many years of study, what we have done and described are the most common situations in which the soccer players find themselves in relation of their position in the field.
  • Once the situations have been analyzed, we have tried to make them see and analyze the situations that the most successful players took in each of those situations, and try to describe them.
  • These fundamentals are in the offensive and defensive phase of each of the game’s positions.
  • In each case of each position, we have an optimal response.

With these fundamentals, we will be able to recognize in detail the desired situation of each player, and we will be able to plan the training taking into account the behavior of our player.

If you want to know more about the individual fundamentals per position, in addition to other types of fundamentals such as the universal or line, click here to see the information about our Máster in High Performance in Soccer.

Con estos fundamentos, vamos a poder reconocer al detalle la situación deseada de cada jugador, i poder plantear el entrenamiento teniendo clarísimo cual es el comportamiento que deseamos de nuestro jugador.

In addition, it will be extremely useful when it comes to analyzing players individually, either from our team or for hiring.

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