The importance of the individual tactical analyst in modern day football

The importance of the individual tactical analyst in modern day football

In today’s high performance football, there is less time to make on-field work. The technical staff have less time and training sessions between games, considering the participation in different competitions during the season.

This causes that the focus of work during the training sessions is based largely on the development and improvement of the team’s own Game Model, and aspects to help overcome the opponent. Because of this, aspects such as the individual development of the player are not directly practiced during the daily training of the team.

For this reason, the figure of the individual tactical analyst emerges. This person is focused on working on the most “micro” aspects of the player, doing complementary work and enhancing different content / individual fundamentals of the player.

– The first aspect to highlight is the improvement obtained by the player in self-knowledge. By carrying out a more personalized work, this will allow the player to know what tactical moves to enhance, which ones to improve and what to avoid.

– The second aspect is the improvement in the player’s decision making criteria. When a job is carried out through individual fundamentals, the selection and perception criteria that he obtains with respect to the actions to be carried out during a match are more productive, obtaining a higher percentage of effective and efficient actions.

– The third and last point is the increase in prospective power obtained by the player, expanding creativity and variety of resources. The player will have a greater capacity to analyze the different elements of the game, and therefore, will know how to solve the actions in a different way without mechanizing certain behaviors.

Finally, from MBP School of Coaches we believe in complementary work for the individual improving the player, always in a coordinated way with the team’s coaching staff and without separating from the microcycle planning or the coach’s idea of ​​the game.

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