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The process of knowledge of the player from the tactical analysis

After explaining in the last article, “the importance of the individual tactical analyst in modern football” the influence it has on improving the most “micro” aspects of the player, in this article we will focus on explaining the previous phase of knowledge that must acquire the professional analyst with respect to the player for a correct tutoring and guidance in his process.

This phase of knowledge of the football player by the analyst will be made of four steps, which must be followed in order to achieve a substantial improvement of the player with respect to his current tactical performance in competition.

  1. The first step to be carried out by the analyst is the individual analysis of the player based on his positions and his obligations within the Game Model of his team, that is, taking an X-ray of the player. Depending on the idea of the game at your club, the behaviors that are required of the player can vary regardless of the position he occupies on the field of play. Therefore, a broad understanding of individual demands will be vital.
  1. Within the second step, we dive into individual player analysis through individual and collective fundamentals. That is, to analyze in relation to the behaviors demanded within the Game Model, which ones it has a tendency to perform and which ones not. This step will be key in the player’s knowledge process, as it will allow us to enter the third step.

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  1. The third step will be to place the previously analyzed behaviors (second step) in three different categories
    1. Behaviors to promote: What aspects of the game dominates, and therefore must continue to exploit.
    2. Behaviors to improve: What procedures should the player improve, since they appear in his game, but not always correctly.
    3. Behaviors to avoid: What behaviors should you limit in your game, since they do not provide any benefit to your performance.
  1. The fourth and final step, once the content to be worked on by the player has been classified, it will be to generate a work plan that will be carried out over the next few weeks / months. Thus work plan will be progressive and gradual in time depending on the improvement of the player.

Once these 4 steps of knowledge of the player have been carried out by the tactical analyst, the next task within the ATI process will be the daily / weekly monitoring of the player through their behaviors and behaviors within the games, which we will explain in a future post. .

Finally, at MBP School of Coaches we believe in this ATI process, where through external monitoring by the tactical analyst, all these positive behaviors of the player will positively and directly affect the group in which it will be promoted.

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