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The relationship between training contents and teaching strategies 

This week from MBP School of Coaches we want to deep-dive into one of the principal blocks of our Master in High Performance Football within the methodological part.

Inside this methodological block, we will analyze the importance between the training contents and how to relate them to different types of teaching strategies.

Which aspects should we take into account ?

The first aspect and one of the most frequent mistakes that coaches make when designing training sessions is the choice of the didactic strategy with respect to the content and instruction to be trained.

For example, if we want to work on a training content such as the individual fundamental of the center-back of “Coverage to the center-back or the fullback who defends the ball possessor,” this content will need to be shown specificity within the task. That is, the didactic strategy chosen to train the selected content cannot be a possession game, since it lacks orientation, positions, or other necessary aspects for a correct understanding of the content to be trained.

On the other hand, a game of discontinuous invasion would be an optimal didactic strategy for the training of the chosen content, since it offers key aspects such as the orientation of the task, positions by the players, etc.

Therefore, the coach must be aware of what level of specificity the chosen content will need to train, so that once selected, the level of specificity offered by the didactic strategy is correct.

The second key aspect is the contextual quality that the task will be endowed with. With this concept we refer to what type of conditions of the environment we will establish with respect to the different aspects:

  • Spaces
  • Roles
  • Punctuation 

These aspects, together with the gradient that the coach wants to apply, which will end up conditioning the task in terms of difficulty, since having more or fewer spaces, or having numerical superiority or inferiority, will favor the absorption of the content to be trained.

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